Pantaenius Yacht Hull Insurance

You can insure your yacht against total loss as well as partial damage by taking up Pantaenius Yacht Hull Insurance.

Yacht Hull Insurance from Pantaenius covers you for total loss and partial damage to your yacht. As providers for all types of yacht insurance, including hull coverage insurance, we continuously advise and manage your policy at every step of the process, at any time from quote to claim. We are at your side at all times, especially during the claim settlement when our expertise is invaluable. We have a global network of specialists, including insurance surveyors and shipyards, and more than 40 years of experience – especially useful in the case of complicated claims.



Pantaenius Hull & Machinery Insurance

Pantaenius Yacht Hull and Machinery Insurance has several important benefits:

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Agreed Fixed Value

Agreed Fixed Value
A fixed insurance sum (Agreed Value) is agreed upon between the owner and Pantaenius, and this sum is reimbursed in the case of a total loss on the yacht.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance No deductible

No deductible
No excess applies in case of total loss, breaking and entering, transportation damage, and in the case of collision with a stationary yacht at the fault of a third party.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance New for Old

New for Old
Partial damages will be regulated up to the amount of the fixed sum. Costs are covered for new parts necessary for repairs, without any deductions for age.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Cruising Area

Cruising Area
An extension of the cruising area tailored to your individual needs is possible at any time. Occasionally leaving the agreed cruising area is automatically included in the insurance.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Retrieval costs

Retrieval costs
Costs for retrieval, wreck removal, and disposal costs will be carried at an unlimited level beyond the insurance sum.

Pantaenius Yachtversicherung GRUNDBERÜHRUNG UND KOLLISION

Grounding and Collision
Damage due to grounding or collisions with floating objects are insured, including damage to propellers and rudder.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Leaving the yacht

Leaving the yacht
Pantaenius considers leaving your yacht if your life is in danger, an insured event.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Engine Clause

Engine clause
Total engine cover is possible!

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Inspection costs

Inspection costs
Pantaenius covers inspection costs, irrespective of your excess contribution, if your yacht runs aground.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Constructions and material defects

Constructions and material defects
Consequential damages resulting from construction or material errors, as well as wear and tear resulting from normal use, are fully covered in the event of an insured peril. Only the damage to the directly affected part is excluded.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Inventory and equipment

Inventory and equipment
Inventory and equipment fastened securely are included in the insurance cover, also when securely stored outside of the yacht and during the winter storage.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Sinking and flooding

Sinking and flooding
All damages, including to engine, due to sinking and/or flooding are included in the insurance cover.

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance Unseaworthiness

We do not have an exclusion due to “unseaworthiness”. This term does not appear in our conditions, as it cannot be clearly defined legally.